Waggoner on Romans: The Gospel in Paul's Great Letter
Title: Waggoner on Romans: The Gospel in Paul's Great Letter 
Author: Waggoner, Ellet J.   
Released: 2016-06-15 
Publisher: 1888 Message Study Committee - US 
ISBN: 9781945583018 
Format: Paperback 
Category: Christian Books & Bibles 
Last Updated: 2018-09-01 
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ 
Pages: 260 

Paul's Letter to the Romans proclaimed a gospel that turned his world upside down, set Europe ablaze in Luther's day, “strangely warmed” Wesley's lukewarm heart in England's cynical eighteenth century, and ignited the soul of our young Ellet J. Waggoner just before this century began. Inspired by refreshingly unique insights into the Romans concept of Christ's active drawing of “every man” and justification by faith, Waggoner proceeded to challenge the legalistic thinking of his revered elders in the ministry. His mature thinking crystallized into a year-long series of articles on Romans in the Signs of the Times from October, 1895, through September, 1896. Buried in the archives ever since, these studies now for the first time see publication in book form. Waggoner's The Glad Tidings, his verse-by-verse study of Galatians, has gladdened many hearts in recent years. This new companion book will meet with a hearty welcome from friendly thousands who have discovered what Ellen White discovered—something “most precious” in his message.

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